Newer, Fancier Mermaid Wristlets

So I decided to get a little fancier and started making my mermaid wristlets in italian leather, and obviously lining each wristlet in florescent fabric was the best way to add a little excitement to the inside.

Banana Bread Muffin Adventure!

My sister Emmy and I decided to have a craft/snack adventure today and this is what happened.  Banana Bread Muffins with a variety of icings, peanut butter, chocolate, and chocolate coconut…and we even made the flags!

Fancy Photoshoot

I work with a mural company called Brainkite Murals and Other Artistic Solutions run by my good friend Adam Buller.  We work with  a collective of artists, each one with their own creative background which makes for a company filled … Continue reading

Dish it out!

This is my new take on old china and dishes.  By stacking and combining collected dishes I came up with some lovely little display stands to hold your favourite goodies, be that jewelry or snacks or whatever you wish!  These … Continue reading

i see you

I See You, A Collection of Portraits by Katie Webb:I See You is the first showing of artist Katie Webb’s work since moving to Toronto. Katie’s collection of portraits explores the permeability of faces, whether due to the angle of … Continue reading


  New!  Mermaid wristlets, various sizes $35-$60. Reversible Bicycle Basket Bags, various fabrics $25.  These are great to take  with you to the grocery store, each bag has two sturdy handles to make carrying things a breeze. Check out the … Continue reading