After majoring in Visual Arts at Brock University where I studied art history and studio art I found myself immersed in an up and coming artist’s community in Niagara Falls two years later. It is in this community where I was able to put my artistic expertise to good use. Not only did I exhibit my personal work in various galleries on numerous occasions there but I was also able to collaborate and experiment with the artists that surrounded me. The diverse group of artists that I came to know all specialized in a variety of different fields and it allowed me to explore artistic ventures outside of the traditional work that I studied. In the time I spent in this community I collaborated on the set designs for music videos, picked up the skill of upholstery, learned, mastered and taught the skill of window painting, and dabbled in a little bit of props production for an independent film. I grew up with a mother who was a wiz on the sewing machine, so I have this mentality that when it comes to creating a piece of clothing or accessory anything is possible. It is my mother’s talent that has made me fearless in the creation process, and because of this I will never back down from a craft challenge! I currently work for an art company called Brainkite Murals and Artistic Solutions where we specialize in custom murals, and window painting.  We like to pride ourselves on the fact that we will are willing to tackle any artistic problem you are looking to have solved. We always approach each project from outside the box and this is why we have a portfolio of truly unique projects.   You can check you the Brainkite Website at, http://www.brainkite.ca. I now base myself out of Toronto and  know that I will continue to add a whole new variety of artistic expertise to my ever growing skill set with each new individual I meet along the way.

*Chandelier photos by Sarah Ritchie Jarvis