My new mulit-strand necklaces!

I made a few multi-strand necklaces just before the new year and have finally gotten around to taking some pics.  These bright and chunky pieces are certainly attention grabbers and quite fun to wear!

Newer, Fancier Mermaid Wristlets

So I decided to get a little fancier and started making my mermaid wristlets in italian leather, and obviously lining each wristlet in florescent fabric was the best way to add a little excitement to the inside.

Banana Bread Muffin Adventure!

My sister Emmy and I decided to have a craft/snack adventure today and this is what happened.  Banana Bread Muffins with a variety of icings, peanut butter, chocolate, and chocolate coconut…and we even made the flags!

Fancy Photoshoot

I work with a mural company called Brainkite Murals and Other Artistic Solutions run by my good friend Adam Buller.  We work with  a collective of artists, each one with their own creative background which makes for a company filled … Continue reading